Is it beautiful?

Today everybody is talking about Halloween, costumes & all that´s connected with this strange day. I don´t like this holiday, don´t like its background.

-I don´t like Halloween!
-Oh, don´t be so boring. It´s just fun and nothing more!
  ... my friend answered, but nevertheless I don´t celebrate it, don´t make special orders for that day, for me it´s just another wonderful autumn day. That´s why I want to show you these great mugs by a great Russian-American Artist Yevgenia.

She learnt traditional & classical techniques of painting while living in Russia & later, moving to New York, she started experimenting with different mediums & found her own manner of painting.

I like her works, they are alive, they are beautiful, they vibrate. And these mugs are my favourite ones. Have a loot at YEVGENIA ETSY SHOP you´ll find great things there. Her floral collection is amazing!