Anthony Hopkins´ Hero Wisdom

There are films that are simple, and you watch them in order to relax and not think, but sometimes we can run at films that can´t be forgotten, that we watch again and again. With every next time they become more and more iteresting and you always find something new, new toughts, new glances, new wisdom.

Today I was overflowed with romantic emotions and remembered the dialogue between a father and a daughter about love in one of my favourite film ""Meet Joe Black". Yes, I can definitely say that life without love is very empty and it doesn´t matter how many friends you have or how cool you are.
Yes, Love is crazy and sometimes it makes us to do stupid or strange things, sometimes it hurts but nevertheless it´s the only thing that brings you the feeling of total happiness.

So be open, lightning could strike!



Geometric Passion CORIUMI

is a cozy shop on etsy with the married couple behind it.They are not only designers but also makers who really like the process of transforming the material into such a beauty. As you see they create bags with the graphic design. Their geometrical patterns stand them out of the crowds of designers and that´s so nice. Once you visit their shop, you want to come back there in order to breathe the beauty and get inspired. 



Funny World

There are many shops on etsy, a great amount of which is worth visiting and speaking about.

So today I want to show you the MountRoyalMint Shop by Sabina. She is an artist who lives and works in Montreal. Her animals are so lovely and charming that I can´t take my eyes off of them. Sweet small creatures are surely great friends of those who have them at home. So no doubt Sabina is a really sweet person if she creates such a beauty.



7 Reasons to fall in love with the fall

Today´s morning is grey, there is no single sun ray here and I understood that the fall is here. Somebody complains, somebody is happy, somebody gets grey and don´t want to go out of the house. But we are not interested in "somebody" we are interesting in us, and our mood is great because the fall is there.

pic by Zila Longenecker

What does it bring us to be happy with?

1. COLORS! Is there any other year season that is so rich in great colors? NOPE. Orange, yellow, red, violet, green.. everything you want.. You can find your favourite color everywhere, no matter where you are, in the mountains or in New York. The color is in the air, that makes us smile and feel happiness.

2. WALKS! How great it is to take a walk in a forest or in the park, feeling the autumn leaves crunching.

3.PHOTOS! You can take so many beautiful photos with the leaves scenes.. They are everywhere due to the fall rules :)

4.TRIPS! There are several cities which look even more amazing in this season.If a had an opportunity today to choose one, I would go to Paris.. bright umbrellas, nice people, tasty croissant, a cup of coffee,  architecture... and rain! A great combination!

5. HOME! How pleasant it´s to stay at home with the beloved on a rainy day. We can stop and relax.. perfect time for enjoying the evening time together.

6. OUTFIT! It´s high time to take out our high heels, beautiful coats, colorful scarfs. How many interesting glances we are getting on that time...  Amazing.

7. CHANGES! Autumn brings changes in nature and it inspires people to change as well. So if you wanted to change but put it off for the better times, do it now, go ahead, it´s the best time for it. The fall energy will help you!

So try to use this fall for changing your attitude to it. It should become positive )) As the world needs more smiles & happy bodies :)))



Books.. Books... Books!!!! GIVEAWAY

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things gives away 3 different books on jewelry making techniques. On Tuesday 11, one will be lucky to get the book :) Maybe it will be yours? Want it? Go there GIVEAWAY



September Fest

Life in my native town is really calm. But when the first weekend in September comes the town becomes so crowdy, full of smiles, music and very happy mood.

The festival starts with the festive pace of whole Rakhiv district and every village tries to look the best in their original clothes.

 Yesterday was the brynzya day (brynzya is the name of sharf cheese that local folk produces here) On that day every village from Rakhiv district presents its own producers of brynzya and brynzya itself. Everybody has a great chance to buy the best cheese,  to try many local dishes and just have a wonderful day with the authentic music and dances. We had so much luck with the weather, it was really hot, like in summer and we could take some sunbathes as well while enjoying the music.

In the Carpathians (Ukraine) shepherds have a special instrument - trembita that is used both for work and fun. In the morning the shepherds are waked up with its tone. During the day it's used for the deterrence of bears. And in the evening after the work they may celebrate a little bit playing this strange instrument. The most skillful shepherds can play it so good that one can hardy resist the temptation to listen to it till the very morning.

Very often this festival is visited by international guests. Here we can see (if  I'm not mistaken) the troupe from the Check Republic. The guys were so funny and cool. You can't imagine how hot their dances were!
Small Ukrainians who are happy to participate in the pace. They shouted out "Hey Rakhiv!"
Typical Ukrainian men clothes, wide trousers (sharovary), the shirt (vyshyvanka) and a stylish cap (forgot its name :)

It's really cool to see such a diversity of  folk clothes not only for native citizens but for foreigners as well. So, if you happen to be in Ukraine in the very beginning of September next year, feel free to come  to hospitable Rakhiv and enyoj the whole celebration. I'm sure you'll like it.