Do We Need to Concentrate on the Dust?

They say the creative person is a child who survived.

Pablo Picasso once said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life". It´s true, but do we really need it? Do we need to concentrate on the dust?
I know that it´s very controversial to think so, but it´s my territory & I allow myself to write what I really think.

My artist Yuri Pysar doesn´t reveal the problems of society in his works, or tries to wake people´s cosciousness, he follows quite the opposite point of view, he shows how wonderful our life is. He teaches us to see the beauty in simple things, to be aware of our beauty, to follow the beauty & be beautiful & happy , because if we are happy, we create a happy world around us. Actually we make the world better. :))

Yuri Pysar´s  collectors & customers come back, because they feel the harmony looking at the paintings, & want to have more & more these amazing pieces at their home. And to my mind it´s such a blessing  to be able to share the best of your inner world & present people with its beauty!