Finding new home

You never know when the piece you made is going to find a new home. Sometimes it lasts even quicker than you can take a photo of that piece, and sometimes it looks for the best match and waits for the perfect one to come.

That exaclty story happened to one of the chokers, and namely to this one. One of my male friends was always wondering seeing that choker at our place.

Well next time when he´ll visit us, he won´t see it, because it is on the way to its new home.

Have a good flight, dear choker and be good for your new hostess :)



Come Back!

I can´t believe that I wrote last time at the end of April. Incredible, how quickly the time is passing and how disorganized I become with all the responsibilities whitch I take on me.

Today I have a totally strange feeling of having missed this time, although I wasn´t siting and looking at the sky, but anyway, I feel like I did nothing. So, not to have such a feeling, I just have to peep here from time to time, right?

Ok, before my new jewelry collection is completely ready I´m going to post the old pieces that I really love :)
Check the available items HERE