My Wonderful Trip

My last post was in April! Incredible!!!!! Am I so lazy or busy? You can guess the anwer, I won´t tell on me :)) Ok, the June is ending and I´m trying to finish as many things as possible. I made some new earrings and necklaces but unfortunately my camera is broken and I can´t take pictures of them. But you don´t think that my post will be without pictures, right?

This month I had a wonderful trip to an amazing place. Will you guess the name of the city if I tell you that it´s one where the tourists wait for the midday at the Prague Clock to see the figures that start moving only at that time. Or maybe it´s easier for you to guess the name if I tell you that the Mango store looks like a museum inside with the architectual elements from the epock of baroque? 

Ok, for those who have never been there but will definitely visit it in future I´ll tell it - it´s PRAGUE.

If you really like the city, you leave a small part of your heart there. if you leave a part of your heart somewhere you surely come back there :)

SO, it was my first visit, but hopefully not the last one :)

Thanks to my wonderul friend Puziko for having a great time there.