Where are you from? - From CHILDHOOD!

We are all from childhood & this little wonderful child that still lives within us wants us to be free & happy. Influencing by different ocassions our inner childline nature is either on the surface or carefuly hidden behind our stereotypes & fears.

Our todays feature is wonderful lady, who surely knows what it means to stay a child Vicky Smith  from vickysmithart. And her story begins.

creative life...
 As an illustrator I'm accustomed to using my art to convey an idea or illuminate a text. In many cases, I have used my images and turned them into objects in my Etsy shop. My masks and jumping jack dolls are good examples of that. It's nice to be able to take an original pastel drawing that is essentially very delicate and by printing it, you can turn it into an object that can be handled.

 I hope that my art makes people smile. It has a certain nostalgic look that evokes childhood.
As a child..
.When I was a child I wanted to become a fashion designer. But, alas, I did not really enjoy sewing, so that might have been a problem!

dream that luckily didn´t come true
 I thought I would always live in New York City. I loved the energy of living and working there, but after our son was born we moved to a pretty, quiet area of New Jersey. Now, I wouldn't want to go back. I love having a yard and find the noise and crowds in the city to be quite stressful.

I associate "love" with hugs, kisses, warmth and support.