Art in the Blue Square

  I´ve already missed writing here. But the last week was so busy that I couldn´t manage it.

So, today I´d like to tell you about beautiful soul that is behind the wonderful etsy shop ART IN THE BLUE SQUARE

Sometimes it´s so easy to feel people. In this particular case I really feel the lady who creates this beauty. She comes from Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States & she is open & deep. Her art is here to bring everybody joy. Imagine how cozy your room would look like if the walls were dressed in these cute pictures. And if you get know the creator of this beauty yourself you´ll surely feel how beautiful is the soul behind ART IN THE BLUE SQUARE

My shop name originates from the concepts of my original works. When i began my shop all of my work featured square canvases with a simple blue background. Literally, all the pieces I produced were "art in the blue square". My shop officially opened in September 2011, after encouragement from others that wanted to buy pieces I had created for my own home, and for my children.

The creative process has always been something that intrigues me. I enjoy pulling out a blank canvas and seeing what happens. Some of my favorite pieces are not even available online because of the scale and weight they entail. These pieces are painted on salvaged wood and reveal themselves in the negative. In my own way I think backwards and like to see what the old salvaged piece of wood reveals to me as I paint it.

Art really means anything that you can experience with your senses and that moves you. I have a certain aesthetic that I enjoy, and in fact that sometimes varies wildly from the art that I myself create. I appreciate other peoples work and respect the time and efforts and creativity they put into their pieces. I can feel that a little piece of them comes with the work they create.

I think I could give a canned answer, but my honest answer is Marc Chagall. There is something so romantic about his pieces and I find them enchanting and humorous. I think that it is important to show love in art and I would like to know his inspiration and for him to tell me what love means to him.

I don't really have a Christmas wishlist. I am not one of those kind of people. I wish for the bigger things at Christmas than what can be provided by material things. But gift giving is one of my favorite parts of the holiday.

Thank you for your lovely story :) We wish you to be surrounded by so much love that you give the world with your art. Be inspired & full of energy to fulfill everything that you want to.