Silly boys, power tools are for girls..

I´m so happy to have started this project not only because I became so busy that I can´t find time to have snacks :) but because it gives me an opportunity to meet so interersting personalities, whose wisdom & devotion can motivate all of us.

 It´s an awesome girl Neva Starr with the great story & charming shop creations. Her creativity goes beyond the limits, what makes her quite different.
Well, she opens a door into her life for us, so enjoy what you see there :)

I grew up in the mountains of Virgina under the belief the a girl could do & be anything she wanted. Dolls were for sissies,( I'm sure my brothers influenced this thought ) Instead I prefered to play in creek beds, collect pet snails, or create with legos & any other odds n ends I could find. Somehow this all helped make me who I am today. Slowly my art & interests have come forth into the building of this amazing shop. To this day I still prefer a garage/workshop over just about anything else. Althougth the competion for this prime real estate can become quite interesting when you add a husband in the mix .. ( Luv ya Joe :) Originally my "tinkering" was just a hobby. Upon relocating to NC with my husbands job, it was soon realized that due to insane childcare costs I would be best to work from home. With a background in graphic design & photography I began doing art shows, yet people seemed to always be more interested in my homemade displays than in my photography. ( Photography competion is insane ) Thus my shop, Twisted Metals, was born.
Take a sneak peek inside my private studio by watching this short segment produced by Time Warner Cable's, Made In the Carolina's.


Once you take an ordinary object, look past its purpose you will find the extraordinary creations waiting inside. I have a weakness for anything unusual, old or bold.

I create from my heart. I create from my soul. I create for me, this is who I am. With each piece you
also receive a part of me, for my art & my passion is all the same.
I create for my children,to inspire & to allow them to experience the world in a different view. Creativity is found in all, waiting & wanting to be released.
Passion, Soul,Experimenting ,Blood, Sweat & Tears. These are the reasons a shop exists.A true portrayal of the owners in product form. 

A forgotten world of abandoned junk,waiting to be brought to life.This is my Bio –the creations born of an inspired mind,adorning the natural earth.Speaking the surreal language of artistic form, I found that from childhood forth, the world I knew was an alternate view. Empowered to greatness in worlds like no other, I've created my own reality. 

So, I thnk the pictures & the story itself convinced you to visit NEVA ETSY SHOP

Special thanks to Neva for her cooperation!We wish you good luck for the future & all the best!! ;)