Everything old can be new again

Nowadays, there are so many people who really look for interesting pieces that have passed through times & lives of others. They have their own history inside & you notice it as soon as you hold them in your hands.

Our new hero is Erica from P & E Collectibles who loves vintage & sells it in her cosy etsy shop!

My name is Erica and I am from Buffalo, NY. I sell vintage jewelry and collectibles. I am both a collector and a seller. I was first interested in collecting vintage when I was introduced to I Love Lucy as a child by my mother, also a Lucy fan. I started collecting vintage Lucy items and have branched out since to other collections. My grandmother loved vintage jewelry and I think she passed that love on to me. I enjoy integrating vintage objects and styles into my home and dress. Everything old can be new again!

I am inspired by people who are passionate about their interests and people who care about preserving the past. I feel in some small part I am able to help preserve and celebrate the past through my shop.
I love having a home business. It provides flexibility and I continually keep learning every day.

"The more things you do, the more you can do." Lucille Ball

We thank Erica for a nice story & wish her wonderful time & all the best for the future :)