Where is the winter?

The month tells us we have already winter, but if we look out the window, we will see no snow. And I can't really say it's winter if there is no snow outside. And you know what? Of course I miss the snow, however I really enjoy the autumn weather that we're having at the moment.  If I hadn't some winter customers orders I wouldn't even think of the winter theme in my jewellery.

So, funny Santa deer aren't in a hurry. But they have another mission these days. They are to make the snowmen a little bit happier. My snowmen are angry because of the absence of snow.. :)

-Hey cheer up, little guys :) Winter is coming and you will have plenty of time to enjoy it together with children!

-But it shoud have already been there!!!
We want to have fun and instead of it we're just waiting and waiting!!! It's so boring!!

Poor snowmen...:))