Homemade holiday

I do remember when I was a child how great it was when the whole family took part in home decoration for Christmas. My mother was choosing a project, and my father was for implementation of it. It was he, who made all the beautiful figures and balls from velvet paper. Of course  my father's every action was under my mother's guidance, she controlled everything. You may ask, what the children did?? Oh, we looked forward to being needed for decoration.. I liked it so much to search and find the best place for all the things my parents had prepared.  

I'm really sorry, I don't have any picture of that great made things.. They were very cute.. Big, small, huge.. all kinds of things.. 2 or 3 of them my parents still have..

Why am I writing this? Because I've already started to thing how to decorate our home this year..And what I want is to see lots of candles, their warm light.

Here are great candles, that STYLISH EVE offers. I'll definitely use some ideas :)