Autumn is still in my home :)

 Autumn is still here, but not the gold one, that I really like. It's already cold and grey. Unfortunately, we don't often have a lot of great sunny days in autumn and this autumn was really greedy. But as we are the members of positive thinkers epoch, we are to find something good in everything that is bad at the first sight! You know what I mean?? Ok, I found even 2 main points, why this autumn was great. I'm saying "was", because it's already so cold outside that I'm really afraid that winter is coming. Ok, coming back to the points, I'd like to admit, that

1. this time my "Autumn Collection" is really richer that the previous one. I wasn't so inspired last year to create so many autumn pieces.

2. In September we were enjoying our come back to summer, because we were at that part of Ukraine where the autumn begins in mid-October :) Quess where??Oh,  you are so gooood! Right you are, in Crimea :)

Novyi Svit