Opening our heart

Every person has an inner desire to help others. But sometimes we just don't know where we are needed, who exactly has a lack of warmth, hugs and just happy smiles... If we looked around from time to time, we would be definitely surprised by the amount of people who surround us and silently suffer from loneliness.

Winter is coming and it means that Christmas holidays are not far from now. For me, Christmas miracle begins on the 19th December, the day, when Nicholas comes and brings children some presents. It a great tradition and I still put one of my boots on the window sill before I go to bed. Now I think, how does it feel, if a child knows that nobody brings him something, that his Nicholas doesn't exist and instead of the sweetest morning of the year he has disappointment in his eyes with the question "Why is it so? Why wasn't Nicolas at my place?".

Malteser organisation tries to help boarding schools and supplies every child  with a present from Nicholas. Moreover, Malteser, having every child's list of wishes can make children very happy by presenting them with the desired things. Everybody can participate in this project and prepare a present for a child himself.

Let us open our heart for children and we will see how happy we will feel afterwards.