EGOism! Go home!!!

The first time I heard about situational friendship was long ago and I didn't happen to see its signs in my life. Very often it has something to do with the negative emotions. People who are inclined to situational friendship, going through a difficult time need somebody for listenig. But as soon as they feel better, you are away. Your task as a listener came to the end.

I really sacrifice my time with pleasure for people who need me right now at this particular moment, but I don't like to be thrown away after my mission of listening and supporting is done! Well, nobody asks me for what I want and what I not, but I give myself a word now "no making friends with people who are in depressive state!"

Maybe it's not very kind of me to come to such a conclusion, but I'm getting attached to people very quickly and it's painful to see that you are not needed anymore. 

It definitely the level of my egoism that wants to be satisfied! Why I'm sitting deep in thoughts instead of being happy for the person who is happy and starts the bright line of the life? Because of my egoism! Right! Time to work on it! 

Every situation that is given to us is of importance and it's not by chance. I stronge believe in it. 

I should be thankful for that :) and now I really am. 
That's such a good practice for me to write, as only in that way I come to important conclusion! 

Helping people and not waiting for anything in return.
Birth of the Wings/ Yuri Pysar/ 70x60/ oil on canvas/ 2007