Yuri Pysar: Spring in Flowers Paintings

This year we have been waiting for spring at least for a month longer than we ought to..
You´ll say who waits will be rewarded. But did we have any choice?

The spring is here at last. The days are bright, the birds sing and wake us up with their songs. Lots of children are outside playing and cycling.. The world wakes up from long winter sleep. With every day nature becomes more active and colorful.

I love spring not only because I was born in spring, but also for its flowers, colors, bursting energy. It all give me enormous power to live and stay on my path.

My friend Yuri Pysar  depicts my sense of spring in his spring paintings, where the nature doesn´t look so shameless naked but start dressing up in lots of green and fresh tones.

But his flowers paintings fascinate me even more... energy of colors that has no limits and boundaries.