To stay a child with SweetNSnappyDesigns

Yesterday my mom called me & she was a bit sad & tired. I thought I had to do something in order to help her mood to become better. It´s not nice if one goes to bed in a bad mood. What did I do? I just linked her a wonderful & funny pictures of animals, we laughed a lot, we talked more than an hour discovering more & more funny photos...
 Looking at the pictures of our next feature I´m so sure that they are not only for children. Imagine, that my mom had them at home? What will happen? She would never feel upset!!! And that´s for sure!They are definitely not only for children but for everybody who like his life to be full of love & wonderful childish atmosphere!

So, today the hero of our story isn´t my mom (although she deserves to be featured here as well:), but a talented illustrator & graphic designer Athena behind her wonderful SweetNSnappyDesigns etsy shop

 I knew from a young age that I wanted to be an artist. After high school I got my BFA in graphic design and worked as a designer for 6 years in a corporate setting before finally opening my Etsy shop. My two daughters, Antonia (age 4) and Amelie (age 21 months) are my true inspiration behind my art and illustrations. Antonia will often sit next to me and tell me what to draw or what needs to be tweaked. I call her my "Art Director".

 Describing myself : Patient. Open-minded. Quiet. Imaginative. Meticulous

 I actually like all my illustrations but I'd have to say that the turtle is my favorite. I just really love turtles!

 I think the key to Etsy success is loving what you do and loving the product that you sell. If you love it and put your entire self into it, you will be successful. It's all about creating something personal that someone else can connect with and appreciate.

I can't say that I've had one favorite customer...they are all great! I treat all my customers the same and am always willing to go that extra step to make them happy with their purchase from my shop. I love all my customers and am so thankful that they have given me the opportunity to share my artwork with them and their children!

All the pictures are so sweet & cute! I just can´t find the suitable words to express these warm feelings that Athena evokes with her art!!! Thank you for your wonderful personality! You bring so much light into the Universe with your wonderful animals :)

I love all of them & can´t choose my favourite one :)