September Fest

Life in my native town is really calm. But when the first weekend in September comes the town becomes so crowdy, full of smiles, music and very happy mood.

The festival starts with the festive pace of whole Rakhiv district and every village tries to look the best in their original clothes.

 Yesterday was the brynzya day (brynzya is the name of sharf cheese that local folk produces here) On that day every village from Rakhiv district presents its own producers of brynzya and brynzya itself. Everybody has a great chance to buy the best cheese,  to try many local dishes and just have a wonderful day with the authentic music and dances. We had so much luck with the weather, it was really hot, like in summer and we could take some sunbathes as well while enjoying the music.

In the Carpathians (Ukraine) shepherds have a special instrument - trembita that is used both for work and fun. In the morning the shepherds are waked up with its tone. During the day it's used for the deterrence of bears. And in the evening after the work they may celebrate a little bit playing this strange instrument. The most skillful shepherds can play it so good that one can hardy resist the temptation to listen to it till the very morning.

Very often this festival is visited by international guests. Here we can see (if  I'm not mistaken) the troupe from the Check Republic. The guys were so funny and cool. You can't imagine how hot their dances were!
Small Ukrainians who are happy to participate in the pace. They shouted out "Hey Rakhiv!"
Typical Ukrainian men clothes, wide trousers (sharovary), the shirt (vyshyvanka) and a stylish cap (forgot its name :)

It's really cool to see such a diversity of  folk clothes not only for native citizens but for foreigners as well. So, if you happen to be in Ukraine in the very beginning of September next year, feel free to come  to hospitable Rakhiv and enyoj the whole celebration. I'm sure you'll like it.

 My mommy and my friend Leska are buying some cheese from the local mistress. Her cheese was the best at the brynzya market yestrerday.


 But my favourite cheese delicacy at the market were cheese horses. If you could try them. They are so tasty and cute. Incredible.
With my girls relaxing

And finally the day ended with our dances :)