Image Transferring conquered!

My picture transferring became really successful. I thought I would never find the right way of transferring an image,I've tried so many times and the result hasn't been as good as I'd love to, but now, I'm really happy with it. All the colours remain on the clay even the brightest ones. I was really surprised!

 Using different popular transfer techniques before, I wondered  why they are popular if the image on the clay hasn't such an intense colour as on the paper. I always wanted to have black really black and pink -bright pink. And..

 I succeeded. All the earrings are full of colours and life :) Of course, there are many other creative people whose image transfer is great, they don't tell how they do it, they keep it in a secret and I understand it.
 I'm sure there are people that use the same technique that I do. If I came to that idea, why wouldn't the others?